• About Lynette Hector

    About Lynette Hector

    Healthy & Better Counseling Services utilizes a Christ-centered approach with a variety of people whether they are individuals, couples and/or families. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist my counseling sessions are geared to help you analyze your life’s perspectives in order to gain freedom from mental and cyclical captivity which leads to relief and restoration. It is my vision to support and encourage individuals as well as families with emotional, physical and mental health. This healthy way of living goes beyond good, because when we both do our part to bring healing to your soul you will be better. The aim is to realize your God-given purpose; therefore, the client’s first reconstruct is breaking the bondage of oppression. Various integrated models such as Structural Family, Cognitive Behavioral, Emotionally Focused with sound biblical principles, are used to help the client overcome. Overcoming comes in a healthy package for spirit, mind, nutrition and relations. Numerous clients have received mental health adjustments in areas of Bi-polar Disorder, bereavement, relationship issues and parent-child relational problems.

    There is also an infusion of brain, body and behavior. In this area my clients explore their thought patterns which has an impact on their physical body. By simply adopting behavioral and nutritional scientific techniques healing begins with mind and body.

    Health Coaching knowledge is another component added to our psychotherapy sessions which helps the client understand the side effects of their medications whilst sharing alternative treatments. We also review food intake that effects the mood and the body chemistry. Educating the client with positive lifestyle changes will help bring balance to mind and body lending success in one’s mental functionality. When you think positively and eat correctly you are creating a new persona, aka: Healthy & Better.

    My specialty also encompasses, Abuse & Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions and Spiritual & Emotional Health. I am certified in Premarital and Marital Counseling through the Prepare & Enrich Program, and a certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider. My specialty factors include relationship issues: infidelity, parenting, depression/anxiety, family conflicts, divorce, sexual abuse, and peer relationships.

    I look forward to counseling you for the best you: Healthy & Better. Call Lynette Hector now at 929-267-9909.