• Nutritional Care & Mental Health

    Nutritional Care & Mental Health

    Are you feeling depressed or in an anxious state? Yet, you cannot identify just what is bothering you. Are you suffering with many physical complaints along with serious depression? You have probably tried traditional therapy which focuses on the exploration of the psyche, but still you are left feeling very frustrated. If this sounds like you then counseling with us is not just about discussing the past; it’s really about taking action in the present to improve self-care and get you on the path of success for the future.

    Here are some of the things we do to get you on the right course of life:

    • Together we make the link between emotional nourishment, nutritional nourishment and how it affects cognitive and emotional well-being.
    • Together we connect mental health symptoms with physical symptoms/conditions.
    • Together we bridge health experiences and symptoms of the past with those in the present.
    • Together we identify where food-related behaviors affect your life. After assessing the root cause we implement an action-plan to reestablish balance in your life choices to aid optimum health.